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Hiring a virtual assistant to answer calls on behalf of your business will ensure that you that you never miss an important call. The virtual assistant will answer the call with your business message to give the impression that they are working in the same office. Today businesses need to be efficient, competent and productive. By outsourcing a telephone answering service costs can be reduced whilst the business continues to grow.

Call handling or call answering?

Call handling is allowing the virtual assistant to answer the call and deal with the customer enquiry. This can involve transferring the call, booking appointments and passing the information on via email.

Call answering is a message taking service that allows the virtual assistant to take down the customer’s name and number and pass the details on via email.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase in customer satisfaction can be obtained by hiring a virtual assistant to handle all telephone calls, as customers are able to speak to someone and deal with their query rather than leave a message or speak to voice mail. This will increase profitability as a happy customer is a loyal customer, especially if your competitor is unable to provide the level of service that you can offer your customers.

What’s involved

The virtual assistant can answer the telephone with any company welcome message in a pleasant professional manner. Along with gathering any information the business needs or booking appointments and a record of all calls can be maintained on a daily basis.

Cost effective

Limit the number of people you need to employ by hiring a virtual assistant, this keeps the cost down of employing a receptionist. The more staff within your business the more administration and management are required. By hiring someone to answer your calls the business can focus on growth while calls are delegated to a reliable and professional telephone answering service.