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This Happened …

Tracy decided that it was time for a career change and because she enjoyed seeing how businesses benefited from using virtual assistants the decision was made and MyPocketPA was born!

The mission of the business from the outset was to be different and rather be ‘stiff’ and ‘inflexible’ MyPocketPA aims to tailor services to the needs of an individual busines or client so that it’s more like having a dedicated support staff rather than outsourcing. This means that MyPocketPA not only delivers a ‘personal service’ it ‘feels’ like they are working within your business.

How We Can Help You!

The team have a wide range of skills and have an in-house team that are smart, technically adept and up to date on all platforms and who have a completely ‘Can do’ attitude which comes right from the top and permeates to the whole team. We know that you haven’t got time for ‘it can’t be done’ or ‘we don’t know’, you have a business to run and you ‘just want it done’ and that requirement is our starting point in anything you ask MyPocketPA to do for you or your business.

Size Doesn’t Matter …

MyPocketPA understands that every business is at a different stage in it’s growth and we’re sensitive to that, we know that the services required by a larger firm may not be what the smaller firm or sole trader is looking for. So when Tracy began she designed both ‘bespoke’ and ‘one off’ services that could be used on an ad-hoc basis and also competitively priced ‘packages’ to suit every budget.

Tracy wanted MyPocketPA to be affordable for all without no discernable difference in quality or commitment regardless of the price point and that’s why MyPocketPA has grown so rapidly. It’s our commitment to making you look good that makes us look good!

What’s Next?

MyPocketPA is growing exponentially by gaining new clients, many of whom come through direct recommendation, word of mouth and word of mouse. For us these types of introductions to new clients are evidence that we are doing our job right so that you’re free to do yours!

If you’re ready ot hire your own ‘Pocket PA’ then get in touch with us for an informal chat (We’ll even come to you!) and let’s see how can take away some of the workload from your day.